Isaiah H

Hello, my name is Isaiah and I live in a 1976 van that I have been building for the past couple of years. I am 21 years old. Vanlife is a passion of mine along with making music. My dream is to become a full time musician. I work a 9-5 job everyday trying to fund this dream of traveling while making music in my van. When I come home after a long day at work I like to have a swisher. 100,000 dollars would really change my life dramatically. With this money I would be able to do any renovations needed on my van and to also be able to upgrade my recording equipment and instruments to better my music. I would also like to take care of my parents and buy them some land. Clearly, with this money I could legitimately fund my dream and be able to invest in myself and my family. This would be a huge change in my life and I would not waste it. I would put all my time and creativity into my music instead of wasting time working a minimum wage job. I believe I have lots of potential. Life is sweet

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