Leon K

I have a production company in chicago. Mudwingmedia. Im minority owned and have a few big clients. I have a problem scaling my business to accommodate these bigger clients. Right now it is one other person helping me with the productions but to keep these big clients we need to scale. The 100K would help me hire another videographer and another editor for a year, as well as upgrade our equipment. This would allow us to keep up with the clients demands. Without this we are in risk of loosing these clients.
Our main client is a black owned haircare brand named Mielle Organics. I have been working with them since they started. They have become so successful that they turned from a small business to a corporate business. Wince turning corporate, its harder to keep up with their demands due to edcessive asks that we cannot fullfill fast enough. This money would help my business get to the next level!!

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