My name is Ashley, mom of two girls,
Working hard, juggling life's whirls.
Two jobs I held to pay for school,
Single mom, determined and cool.
A creator, a doer, always with a plan,
I forged my path with my own two hands.
Through sleepless nights, endless strife,
Built a salon, sparking new life.
With determination, and brushes in hand,
I sculpted dreams, helping confidence expand.
From lashes to curls, I transformed each head,
Empowering others, the beauty I spread.
But amidst the hustle, a dreamer I remain,
Seeing beyond what others may claim.
In my visions, I see endless possibility,
Building a future filled with creativity.
Through trials and triumphs, I've learned to persist,
Rising above challenges that try to resist.
So here I stand, a woman on her own,
Writing my story, my legacy sown.
My name is Ashley, a role model for my girls,
Proving dreams can conquer the world.

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